Life with Dogs


This collection of warm, often funny, always resonant photographs is a brand-new sequel to the 1995 Life picture book, A Dog’s Life; and follows on the great reception that attended the publication of Life with Mother and Life With Father. Life’s editors have revisited the earlier book on dogs and have kept several of the classic or irresistible shots, but they have added new photography, enlivened the design, and added text and quotations that set the proper man’s-best-friend tone and then carry it straight through the book. The best canine images from Life’s storied pictorial archive, many of which first appeared on the magazine’s Just One More back page, are here, as are disarming shots of Fido taken by the man in the street. The book represents a tribute to the bond each of us shares with our pets. Guileless, frolicsome, energetic, ever ready to please, full of love – that is the dog, and that is this special book.

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