What Remains Tim Weaver


FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF RICHARD & JUDY THRILLER PICK NO ONE HOME HE SEARCHES FOR THE DISAPPEARED. Missing persons investigator David Raker specializes in finding the lost. Whether dead or alive, he brings the truth home to the families left behind. But there’s one person he’s never been able to save. NOW THEY MUST TRY TO FIND A KILLER. Colm Healy was one of the Met’s best detectives – until the unsolved murders of a mother and her twin daughters consumed his career, his family and his life. Agreeing to work with Healy, Raker soon learns the hard way how this puzzle breeds obsession. IT WILL COST THEM EVERYTHING. Meanwhile, the killer watches, waits, and prepares to bury the truth forever. Because this was never just a murder. It was something far worse . . . ‘A luminous example of what a considerable talent Weaver is. Catch him at once’ Daily Mail ‘David Raker has joined a select band of fictional characters whose return in a new book excites existing fans and collects new ones . . . one of the most vibrant and unusual protagonists in modern crime fiction’ Crime Fiction Lover

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