Join us for an evening in Dolly’s Thursday 23rd June 7pm as Emma and Rosie discuss their most recent novels. Tickets are £5 and include a glass of wine.

Emma is the author of the sensational The Lamplighters which has recently gone into paperback.  Rosie is the bestselling author of The Man Who Didn’t Call and her new novel The Love of My Life publishes on the 23rd of June.

The Lamplighters
Inspired by real events, The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex is an intoxicating and suspenseful
mystery, an unforgettable story of love and grief that explores the way our fears blur the line
between the real and the imagined.
Cornwall, 1972. Three keepers vanish from a remote lighthouse, miles from the shore. The entrance
door is locked from the inside. The clocks have stopped. The Principal Keeper’s weather log
describes a mighty storm, but the skies have been clear all week.
What happened to those three men, out on the tower? The heavy sea whispers their names. The tide
shifts beneath the swell, drowning ghosts. Can their secrets ever be recovered from the waves?
Twenty years later, the women they left behind are still struggling to move on. Helen, Jenny and
Michelle should have been united by the tragedy, but instead it drove them apart. And then a writer
approaches them. He wants to give them a chance to tell their side of the story. But only in
confronting their darkest fears can the truth begin to surface . . .

The Love of My Life
I have held you every night for ten years and I didn’t even know your name.
We have a child together. A dog, a house. Who are you?Emma loves her husband Leo and their young daughter Ruby: she’d do anything for them. But almost
everything she’s told them about herself is a lie.
And she might just have got away with it, if it weren’t for her husband’s job. Leo is an obituary writer
and Emma is a well-known marine biologist, so, when she suffers a serious illness, Leo copes by doing
what he knows best – reading and writing about her life. But as he starts to unravel her past, he
discovers the woman he loves doesn’t really exist. Even her name is a lie.
When the very darkest moments of Emma’s past life finally emerge, she must somehow prove to Leo
that she really is the woman he always thought she was.
But first, she must tell him about the love of her other life…