Book launch, exhibition and party
The Poly, Falmouth, Thursday 13th August, 7pm
Free entrance

In 1715 11-year-old Thomas Pellow said goodbye to his mother in Penryn and set sail out of Falmouth Harbour on the Francis, a ship captained by his uncle John. Their voyage, delivering Cornish pilchards to Italy, was meant to take them away for just a few months, but it was almost a quarter of a century before Thomas stepped onto his beloved home shores again.

What happened to him in between is an extraordinary true tale of kidnap, shipwreck, imprisonment, captive service, battlefield bravery and, finally, daring escape.

To mark the 300th anniversary of Thomas’s departure, his dramatic adventures are brought vividly to life in a beautifully illustrated new children’s book titled Captured! The Incredible True Story of Thomas Pellow. It was written by Craig Green, illustrated by Oliver Hurst and is published by Mabecron Books.

To celebrate its publication, a call has gone out to all the Pellows in the land to come to a special launch party in Falmouth – open to all lovers of history, adventure and storytelling – in honour of this unsung Cornish hero.

Whether you know you have links to Thomas, your surname is Pellow, or there are Pellows further back in your family tree, the book’s author, illustrator and publisher would love you to join the party for this timely acknowledgement of a unique character from Cornwall’s past.

The book launch and party takes place at The Poly Theatre in Falmouth; just a short walk from the spot where young Thomas’s adventure came full circle.

The extended Pellow family and their descendants are invited to get in touch with Craig, Oliver and Ron via the  and to spread the word on Twitter using the hashtag #Pellow.

Oliver’s complete series of oil paintings for Captured! will be on display and for sale at The Poly, Falmouth from Tuesday, August 11 to Saturday, August 15.