We know it’s early, but with the supply chain problems at the moment we’d rather be early and prepared! It’s a good idea to get shopping a little earlier this year anyway, in case of last minute delays.

Please fill in the survey below to help us get a better idea of the books you have your eye on this Christmas.

This is to help us make informed stock decisions instead of panic-buying what we think we may need.

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Please give more details of anything else you're interested in -- we definitely can't list everything here!
These include big biographies with lots of colour printing or photographs, and art books et cetera
Bake Off books, bread-making, soups, cocktails... Anything you think you'll be after this winter!
We realise it's usually best to look at these in the shop, but if there are any authors or titles you know you'll be looking for (like Shirley Hughes) please let us know here.
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