Most of us have easy access to a pen and paper at home, so making a start on some modern calligraphy could be a secret skill to develop during these many, many evenings in! Even if you don’t have all the brush and ink resources, these contemporary calligraphy books have a variety of inspirational pages and practical exercises to get you away from a screen and start using your hands with just a regular pen or pencil. Happy writing!

Image for Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain : The Definitive, 4th Edition

’Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain’ – If you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw, and are interested in the cognitive aspects of our drawing abilities, this book will have you captivated for hours. The prompts get you drawing upside-down, using your non-dominant hand, and sketching without looking at the paper. Whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned draughtsperson, there are tips to be learned from this page-by-page drawing course. If you’d rather while away the hours mindlessly or mindfully colouring in beautiful patterns, we have a selection of adult colouring books available as well. You’ll know where to find me on a Friday night…

If drawing isn’t your thing then have a go at some paper crafting, ranging from simple swans to elaborate structures and decorations. Hopefully you have paper at home, but if you need some pretty patterns I’m sure we could organise sending out some of our beautiful wrapping papers with your book order.

If you’re already into your crafting but want to give it more of a purpose, have a read of Sarah Corbett’s ‘CRAFTIVIST’ – chronicling examples of contemporary crafts being used for good in the world, raising voices and lifting spirits.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our craft section, and if you’ve plenty of craft materials at home but just need the book to go with it, have a browse of our online shop. From photography to weaving, whittling to silversmithing, we’ve got a lot of bases covered and can always order you a specific book if you need it.

Happy crafting and look after yourselves!