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Bexy Cameron explores her childhood in the notorious cult Children of God, where the concept of family means something very different to what we are all used to. At the same time, she details her adult attempt to make a documentary about other cults, where she spent a year travelling across America with her best friend in search of answers to the questions about cults that fascinate us all. On this road trip Bexy is forced to confront her past: her adolescence spent in total silence (as punishment for being ‘difficult’), the abuse she suffered from various members of the church and, most powerfully of all, her relationship with her parents, who are still members of the Children of God today.

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Devastatingly moving, brilliantly inspiring and utterly unforgettable, Cult Following is a searing memoir of survival, love and transformation.’A brave and deeply moving story of fierce spirit’ – Dakota JohnsonBexy Cameron was in her late twenties then the dark events of her past finally caught up with her.Bexy was born into the Children of God, one of the world’s most notorious cults. She was 9 years old when she experienced her first exorcism, held in a secret commune deep in the British countryside. At 10, she was placed on Silence Restriction, forced to be silent for a whole year. Even from an early age, she knew what was happening was not right. At the age of 15, she escaped, leaving behind her parents and 11 siblings. Haunted by her past, Bexy set off on a road trip across America, embedding herself in the underbelly of religious cults, living with children who, like her, are born into the worlds their parents and cult leaders have created for them.It is a journey of meth cooks, monks, Jesus Freaks, soap-making Armageddonists, surveillance vans and finally, confronting her parents and herself.READERS LOVE CULT FOLLOWING’The most important memoir of this year”One of the most moving, powerful and profound memoirs I have ever read”A gripping, moving book from a brilliant, brave writer . . . I devoured this book”Truly amazing… couldn’t recommend it more”Totally blown away… dare I say it’s way better than Educated by Tara Westover’

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