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Lann is lost. Haunted by ghosts and desperate for vengeance, he is struggling to maintain control of the Dreadblade. Its call is growing stronger and Lann’s resolve is at an all-time low. Across a dark sea, Kelewulf is searching for the heart of a god. This powerful and terrible object is the final piece of the puzzle that will return darkness to the world forever. And with each day that passes, Kelewulf is closer to achieving his goal. War is brewing. Lann must reach the heart before Kelewulf. If he fails, the end of days is upon them all.

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The second book in the sweeping epic fantasy series Whispers of the Gods, perfect for fans of the Summoner trilogy by Taran Matharu and Shadow and Bone by Leigh BardugoWHEN DESTINIES COLLIDE, WHO WILL EMERGE VICTORIOUS?Lann is hunting monsters. It’s his destiny as bearer of the Dreadblade. But Lann would rather hunt down Kelewulf, the young necromancer who released them into the world. Consumed by his aunt’s death, he can think of nothing but revenge.Across a dark sea, Kelewulf is mastering magic. He has persuaded the High Priestess of Hasz to tutor him. But he’s hiding a more dangerous goal: finding the heart of a god. With this terrible object in hand, he’ll return darkness to the world forever ?Lann and Kelewulf know their fates are entwined. When they finally meet, what will prevail? Spells or steel? Vengeance or mercy? Only the gods can guess.

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