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Design innovation and Integration is more than just a toolkit, it is a guidebook for the industry leaders of tomorrow.

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Design Innovation and Integration is more than just a toolkit; it is a guidebook for the industry leaders of tomorrow, providing a holistic understanding of the approaches, practices and tools required to integrate design strategically within an organisation.

Novel solutions are required to meet complex problems, yet how to make these solutions a reality is rarely addressed. This book expands on existing design toolkits to provide an understanding of the principles and methods that underpin such tools and align them with organisational strategy. The aim is not to equip readers with a stocktake list of design tools, but to assist them to learn how to apply, adapt and re-mould tools to best suit their needs. It also demonstrates the more complex process of design integration, highlighting common pitfalls and opportunities.

Drawing on over 10 years of independent research, authors Straker, Wrigley, and Nusem share experiences and outcomes (along with personal repartees) from their research, teaching and pet projects.

The two key parts of this book, Design Innovation and Design Integration, equip the reader with an understanding of the theory encompassing these two areas. This book can be leveraged by readers seeking to develop their own design approach and to implement design in their organisation.

If you are looking to grow your influence and create an environment in which design innovation can flourish, then this book is for you.

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