Mayflower Generation: The Winslow Family and the Fight For the New World


Edward Winslow, an apprentice printer born in Worcestershire, fled England and then Holland for a life of religious freedom and opportunity. Despite the intense physical trials of settlement he found America exotic, enticing and endlessly interesting. But the story did not end with the Pilgrims’ treacherous transatlantic journey or their first uncertain years on the Massachusetts coast. All settlers had to become linguists, traders and explorers, and yet not forget their roots and customs from the old country. With the aid of exciting contemporary documents Rebecca Fraser brings to life the adventures of an ordinary family, the Winslows, made less ordinary by their responses to the challenges of the New World.

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A Times History Book of the Year

The voyage of the Mayflower is one of the seminal events in world history. But the story did not end with her arrival on the frozen coast of New England in 1620. In an epic history, Rebecca Fraser relates one ordinary family’s extraordinary response to the challenges of life in America. Despite the intense physical trials of living in the New World, Edward Winslow found America exotic and enticing. His remarkable friendship with Massasoit, the King of the Wampanoags, is part of the legend of Thanksgiving. Yet, fifty years later, Edward’s son Josiah was commanding the New England militias against Massasoit’s son in King Philip’s War. A fast-paced intensely human portrait, The Mayflower Generation reveals the contradictions between generations as they made the painful decisions that determined the future of America.

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