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Getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis is essential to living a happy and healthy life, but why is it harder for some of us than others? How do our sleeping patterns change throughout our lives, and what are the long-term effects for bad sleepers? These are the types of questions that jump into every person’s head while they toss and turn, unable to ‘drop off’. Sleep is important to the way we learn, remember and forget, to how we feel about family and partners, as well as to our wellbeing and our mental and physical health. In fact, it is essential for life itself.

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Sleep plays a crucial role in our waking lives, and we need to start paying it more attention. The latest research tells us that it’s essential for learning and memory, for mental health and physical well-being, and yet we tend to only think about it when it’s proving a struggle.Nodding Off leads you on a fascinating journey through the science of sleep as it evolves throughout our lives. Professor Alice Gregory shares real-life stories and interviews with other sleep experts to find the answers to questions, such as:Why do so many adolescents enjoy lying in at the weekends?Why do children experiencing anxiety, behavioural problems or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder so often have co-occurring sleep problems?Why are scientists turning to sleep disorders such as sleep paralysis to try to understand paranormal experiences?With important tips on improving your sleep, Nodding Off is an essential read for anyone who sleeps, and more important still for those who don’t get enough. Fans of Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep will love this book!

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