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Christopher Matthew has taken Milne’s best poems and rewritten them for 60 year olds. Some are about Suddenly Realising You’re Much Older Than You Thought, and others are about the Difficulties of Coping With Modern Life.

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For those turning sixty, this new edition of Christopher Matthew’s tribute to A. A. Milne’s classic poems contains fresh material as well as the old favourites.

‘A wonderful present to sixty-year-olds’ Auberon Waugh, Daily Telegraph

When Christopher was six, the poems of Milne were always on hand to reassure him that other children were just as puzzled and naughty and silly as he was, and that grown-ups could be even sillier.

When he turned sixty, he decided it was high time there was an equally reassuring volume for those of his generation who were not only more confused than ever, but were losing their teeth, their hair and, all too often, their car keys.

What he did twenty years ago was to take some of Milne’s best-loved poems from Now We Are Six for an older audience, with results that are often hilarious, sometimes rueful and always thought-provoking. Some verses are about realising one is not as young as one once thought, and not feeling quite as chipper as one once did; while others address some of the more disconcerting problems of modern life such as mobile telephones on trains, unsocial behaviour, traffic jams and the internet.

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