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RSPB Birds of Britain and Europe: The Definitive Photographic Field Guide


Tick more than 300 birds off your list with this clear, easy-to-use photographic field guide. This compact field guide features the highest quality photographs, capturing the beauty of more than 500 bird species and making bird identification effortless. Each bird’s entry includes clear images at rest and in flight and pictures the male, female, and juvenile of the species along with a distribution map so you know what species to expect and when. Some birds also have flight-pattern diagrams and images of subspecies to help identify them. An accompanying audio app of the birdsong and calls of over 200 key birds help identify a bird even when it is hard to spot.

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This definitive and bestselling field guide is the perfect companion for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

Now revised and updated, this lavishly illustrated bird book includes crystal-clear photography and the latest taxonomic changes. From Robins to Jays, from Kingfishers to Ravens, this is your complete photo guide to all the birds of Britain and Europe.

A Must-Have for Any Birdwatcher

The sheer variety in shape, colour, and size of the birds to be found in Britain and Europe provide birdwatchers with a truly spectacular pastime. Whether out for a walk in the local park or in the heart of the countryside, there is always something interesting to see.

This bird guide is an essential reference for the novice and experienced birdwatcher. It includes:
– Full-page profiles of the 330 most seen species in Britain and Europe.
– Audio app that gives access to the bird songs and calls of key species.
– Stunning photographs that capture the beauty and detail of each bird.
– Key facts relating to each bird, which has been expertly verified by the RSPB and top bird author Rob Hume.

For ornithology enthusiasts, or if you just want to identify the visitors coming into your garden, this bird guide will tell you everything you need to know about our local birds. It has been authenticated by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to provide you with the most thorough and accurate information.

Discover detailed profiles of a wide variety of birds in Britain and Europe. Read about their different behaviours and habits, such as mating, nursing, and migration patterns. Learn when the best time of year is to spot them and where they are most likely to be found.

The highest quality photography brings over 500 bird species to life on the page. Every text entry covers identification of adults and juveniles, and you’ll soon be able to identity birds from their shape, plumage, or call. This accessible birdwatching guide also features references to similar-looking species.

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