The Secret of Flight 149


As BA Flight 149 took off for Malaysia via Kuwait in August 1990, Iraqi troops were already gathering on the Kuwaiti border. Invasion was imminent. Using extensive and exclusive accounts, Stephen Davis reveals the true extent of the hostages’ ordeal and their battle for survival.

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‘Damning’ – Mail on Sunday’Utterly horrific and compelling’ – The Guardian’This investigation rings true’ – Publishers WeeklyOn 1 August, 1990, British Airways Flight 149 departed from Heathrow airport, destined for Kuala Lumpur. It never made it there, and neither did its nearly 400 passengers and crew.Instead, Flight 149 stopped in Kuwait, as Iraqi troops invaded – delivering the passengers and crew into the hands of Saddam Hussein. Why did BA Flight 149 land, even as all other flights were rerouted – and even though British and American governments had clear intelligence that Saddam was about to invade?The answer lies in a secret, unaccountable organization – authorised by Margaret Thatcher – carrying out a ‘deniable’ intelligence operation. The plane was the ‘Trojan Horse’, and the plan – as well as the horrific consequences for the civilian passengers – has been lied about, denied and covered up by successive governments ever since. Soon to be a major TV drama, this explosive book is written with the full cooperation of the survivors, as well as astonishing and conclusive input from a senior intelligence source. It is a story of scandal, betrayal and misuse of intelligence at the highest levels of UK and US governments – which has had direct impact on terror attacks in the West and the shape of the Middle East today. It is high time the truth is told.

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