Unreasonable Behaviour


McCullin grew up in London in the aftermath of World War II and has spent a large part of his life photographing wars around the world. In this book, he writes of the deprivation of his childhood and the greater misery and horror he has witnessed.

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‘He has known all forms of fear, he’s an expert in it. He has come back from God knows how many brinks, all different. His experience in a Ugandan prison alone would be enough to unhinge another man – like myself, as a matter of fact – for good. He has been forfeit more times than he can remember, he says. But he is not bragging. Talking this way about death and risk, he seems to be implying quite consciously that by testing his luck each time, he is testing his Maker’s indulgence’ – John le Carre

‘McCullin is required reading if you want to know what real journalism is all about’ – The Times

‘From the opening…there is hardly a dull sentence: his prose is so lively and uninhibited… An excellent book’ – Sunday Telegraph

‘Unsparing reminiscences that effectively combine the bittersweet life of a world-class photojournalist with a generous selection of his haunting lifework… A genuinely affecting memoir that reckons the cost and loss involved in making one’s way on the cutting edge of conflict’ – Kirkus Reviews

‘If this was just a book of McCullin’s war photographs it would be valuable enough. But it is much more’ – Sunday Correspondent

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