You’ve Got This


Dr Michaela Dunbar, qualified psychologist and founder of Instagram @myeasytherapy, has spent years helping ambitious women master their anxiety and overcome self-doubt, so they can take unapologetic action to unlock their potential and find happiness and success. Through one-to-one coaching and therapy sessions and engaging with thousands of women through her online courses, Michaela has identified the seven key ways high-functioning anxiety can manifest in our lives, from people pleasing to imposter syndrome, overwhelm to perfectionism, and shows us how to transform negative thoughts and difficult emotions into positive action. This book will give you the insight and tools to reframe how you view your anxiety and understand how to manage your thoughts and emotions.

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Learn how to reframe your thoughts and live your best life with this accessible guide from clinical psychologist Dr Michaela Dunbar, founder of @myeasytherapy

Are fear and anxious thoughts holding you back from living the bold and exciting life you want?

Everyone experiences self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, fear of failure and burnout. But not all of us know how to deal with it.

In her years spent helping ambitious women overcome self-doubt, Dr Michaela Dunbar has identified seven key ways high-functioning anxiety can manifest in our lives, from people-pleasing to imposter syndrome.

In this hopeful, accessible, and genuinely useful book, Dr Michaela offers practical solutions and strategies to help you with . . .

Coping with anxiety and overthinking
Dealing with imposter syndrome
Setting and maintaining boundaries
Breaking down the fear of failure

Filled with invaluable tools, reflection exercises and case studies, You’ve Got This shows us how to transform our anxious thoughts and emotions into positive actions.

Above all, it will teach you how to overcome self-doubt and free yourself from the traps of overthinking to confidently step into a life you love.

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