Some of our picks to make sure you’re looking after your brain, body, and your home.

The Self-Care Cookbook by Gemma Ogston

Self-care starts from the inside out: make sure you’re looking after your body as well as your mind with this cookbook full of healthy, plant-based recipes.

Nourishing and self-care recipes to boost your energy, help you sleep and lift your mood. So many of us go about our busy lives without eating wholesome food. Yet without giving our body what it truly needs to fuel us through the day (and night), we get ill, feel low and have trouble sleeping.

Over 60 delicious recipes, crafted to be nurturing to your body – and mind.

Hardback, £14.99
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The Little Book of Cleanfulness by The Secret Cleaner

It’s important to have a clean and happy home as well as a clean and happy mind! This little books helps you find the zen in household chores.

Find joy in cleaning your home (yes, really). Put away the bleach. Breathe.

The Secret Cleaner, offers simple, no-fuss ways to clean your space with minimal products, time and effort AND how to reframe the way you think about cleaning. Chapters include: The Rage Clean and Redirecting The Rage Clean, Going Minimal, Making Cleanful Choices and 9 Things Your Forgot to Clean. Also includes The Secret Cleaner’s Cleanful Recipes – quick to make, using natural ingredients, powerful and kind to you and the planet.

Hardback, £6.99
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The Art of Mindful Gardening by Ark Redwood

Mindfulness is not only about meditation. The Art of Mindful… series offers insight in how to purposefully go about your favourite hobbies in a calming, meaningful way.

The Art of Mindful Gardening explores how mindfulness can bring a new dimension to gardening. Ark Redwood guides you through the changing seasons, expanding your knowledge of how to be conscious of the present and providing expert insights on meditating into your natural environment.

Paperback, £7.99
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The Art of Mindful Reading by Ella Berthoud

Reading is one of the best ways to relax – but this book helps you become a more present and conscious reader.

Bibliotherapist Ella Berthoud asks: if reading is our daily nourishment, how best should it be consumed? How should you read mindfully? And why will reading mindfully help you to read better? She explores how reading mindfully can shape the person you are, give you your moral backbone, and teaches empathy with others. Through meditative exercises, engaging anecdote, and expert insight, she reveals the enriching potential of reading for mindfulness.

Hardback, £10.99
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