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Walking strengthens our bodies, calms our minds and uplifts our spirits. We know this intuitively, and recent years have seen an explosion of scientific and evidence-based research to substantiate that. 52 Ways to Walk is a book that celebrates the simple act of walking. The book outlines 52 ways to walk, one for each week from January through to December, and all of which can be done by anyone, anywhere.

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_________________________________‘A delightful balance of ideas, inspiration and science’ Tristan Gooley, author of The Walker’s Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs_________________________________“Walking had become, once again, the great adventure of my life. But this time science could explain how and why” Walking strengthens our bodies, calms our minds and lifts our spirits. But it does so much more than this. Our vision, hearing, respiration, sleep, cognition, memory, blood pressure, sense of smell and balance (to name a few) are all enhanced by how we walk. For instance: · Walking in cold weather burns extra fat and builds more muscle.· Walking alone strengthens our memories.· Walking in woodland helps us sleep.· And there’s nothing more restorative than a romantic nighthike.Our choice of location, time, direction, duration, walking companion and gait, as well as the weather we opt to walk in, can transform our daily stroll. Here, Annabel Streets shares the thrill of 52 walking styles, explaining the latest science behind each one, and providing practical tips for making the most of your daily steps.52 Ways to Walk is a revelatory and informative handbook for anyone stuck in a walking rut, curious about the lesser-known benefits of walking or merely in need of some on-foot novelty and adventure. _________________________________Beautifully designed and pocket-sized, 52 Ways to Walk is a love letter to walking.

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