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Child of earth & sky


Goldie is nearly 30. And Luna is her daughter. Eight-years, old, she is part star, part Grimm. Her father’s scars marking body and her mother’s powers at her fingertips, Luna is increasingly consumed by the opposing forces within her. When Luna’s teacher notices the child’s scars and summons social services, Goldie, facing the very real danger that she’ll lose her daughter, goes on the run. But the fates are against her, her daughter is taken into care, and the only time and place they are able to meet is at night and in the strange, haunted realm of Everwhere. Goldie is desperate to reclaim her daughter, but she notices Luna’s behaviour is becoming disconcertingly erratic. And in Everwhere, all is far from well. Fresh leaves are falling once more and Grimm girls are dying. Fearing the return of her father, Goldie stalks the shadows and glades of Everwhere, hoping to confront the killer.

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Born of bright-white wishing and black-edged desire, the Grimm girls each command a single element and wield it with great power. But a child born of a Grimm and a fallen star will have command over every element . . . and wield infinite power.

At twenty-one, Goldie gave birth to a daughter by her dead lover. Now Goldie is nearly thirty and Luna almost nine. Conceived in the realm between life and death, Luna is part star-soldier, part Grimm and now those opposing forces are waging war within her.

Terrified of losing her increasingly volatile child, Goldie goes on the run. Then an act of violence forces her to return and Luna is taken into care. Mother and child can still meet – in the haunted otherworld that is Everwhere.

Desperate to reclaim her daughter, Goldie must also confront whatever is corrupting Everwhere. For fresh leaves are falling, and Grimm girls are dying. Fearing the return of her father, Goldie knows she cannot succeed alone and summons her sisters.

But can the bonds of sisterhood bear the terrible price that will be paid . . .

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