Get your copy of Gina Kaminski Rescues the Giant, signed & dedicated by Craig Barr-Green!

Meet Gina Kaminski. She’s here to tell you three facts.

1. The story of Jack and the Beanstalk is FULL of BIG mistakes.

2. She has a plan to fix them.

3. Her plan does NOT involve magic beans (but there will be cake).

Gina is off to fairy tale land again, and this time she’s rescuing the giant!

Gina Kaminski is back for another GIANT adventure.

Gina is on a school trip and things are not going well.
The art gallery is too big.
The lights are too bight.
She doesn’t know where she will eat her lunch.

In the bookshop, Anya reads her the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and — guess what? — there are three HUGE mistakes. Gina (assisted by Lady Wiggles) steps into the story to fix them.

Expect magic beans, villainous villagers, a valuable cow and PRECIOUS THINGS.

Will Gina rescue the Giant?
Will there be cake?
Will Gina find a nice place to eat her lunch?

Just like the first book in this bold new series by Craig Barr-Green and Francis Martin, this is not your typical fairy tale as Gina takes the narrative lead and tells the story in her own distinctive way. With lovable narrator Gina Kaminski, this is the ideal book to empower every child to be the hero of their own story.

Published 1st August – depending on Craig’s availability, books will be signed around publication day so we cannot guarantee your copy will be with you on or before publication day. Invoices will be scheduled to send in July to make payment in time for August – let us know directly if you’d rather pay upfront.

We have included the opportunity to also order the first Gina Kaminski book Gina Kaminski Saves the Wolf too – the hardback is now unavailable but the paperback will be published in September. Since this is after the release of Gina Kaminski Rescues the Giant, paperback orders will be sent separately and charged additional postage, or on request we can hold copies of the new book for when both can be sent together.

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