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Gina Kaminski Rescues the Giant by Craig Barr-Green

Meet Gina Kaminski. She’s here to tell you three facts.

1. The story of Jack and the Beanstalk is FULL of BIG mistakes.

2. She has a plan to fix them.

3. Her plan does NOT involve magic beans (but there will be cake).

Gina is off to fairy tale land again, and this time she’s rescuing the giant!

Gina Kaminski Rescues the Giant by Craig Barr-Green – £12.99
Published 1st August
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Books we’re excited for & indie editions

The Four by Ellie Keel
11th April

*indie exclusive hardback*

The Silence Factory by Bridget Collins
9th May

*indie exclusive hardback*

Yellowface by Rebecca F. Kuang
23rd May
*indie paperback*

The Burial Plot by Elizabeth Macneal
6th June

*indie exclusive hardback*

The Ghost Ship by Kate Mosse
20th June

*indie exclusive paperback*