Let’s Make Dumplings!


An accessible and easy-to-follow comic book cookbook for bringing Asian dumplings into the home kitchen, with recipes for savoury and sweet dumplings, dipping sauces, riffs, and more-from the authors of Let’s Make Ramen!

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Chef Hugh Amano and comics artist Sarah Becan invite you to explore the big little world of Asian dumplings! Ideal for both newbies and seasoned cooks, this comic book cookbook takes a fun approach to a classic treat that is imbued with beloved history across countless regions. From wontons to potstickers, buuz to momos, Amano’s expert guidance paired with Becan’s colourful and detailed artwork prove that intricate folding styles and flavourful fillings are achievable in the home kitchen. Let’s Make Dumplings! includes dumpling history and lore; a master folding guide that familiarizes readers with popular styles like the pleated crescent of a potsticker or the four-pointed star of a crab rangoon; and a series of cooking directions to choose from, such as steaming or pan-frying. The recipes range from savoury (Beef and Kimchi Mandu) to sweet (Custard-filled Baozi), classics (Pork and Cabbage Potstickers) to riffs (Maple, Bacon, and Egg Dumplings). Whether it is the family-style eating experience-stacked plates and steamer baskets filled with succulent shumai and plump xiaolongbao-or the interactive process of working together to fold hundreds of gyoza for a celebration, Let’s Make Dumplings! captures the deep level of connection that dumplings bring to any gathering and shows you how to recreate it in your own home.

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