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My name is Yip Tolroy and I am a mute. I have made not a sound since the day of my birth, October 2nd, 1815. I have led a life filled with wonder and misery both. Fatherless and friendless, at fourteen years old Yip is no more than chest-high to anyone in his small town, a slate and chalk his only way of talking. Everyone stares, but nobody thinks he has anything to say. But then gold is discovered nearby, and Yip commits a grievous crime. In the company of a new and unlikely comrade, Dud Carter, he must leave town, on a journey that will introduce them to the wonder and horror of the American frontier, and learn to make his voice heard.

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“MY NAME IS YIP TOLROY & I am a mute. I have made not a sound since the day of my birth, October 2nd, 1815. I will say that my life has been something of a trial but such is God’s wish & so I must tell my story here on the page.”

Yip Tolroy and his fiery Mama run the general store in Heron’s Creek, Georgia. An uneventful life, until gold is discovered nearby and Yip is caught up in a bloody, grievous crime forcing him to flee. On the run, friendless and alone, he meets Dud Carter a savvy but unlikely companion. Together, they embark on a journey that thrusts them unwittingly into a world of menace and violence, of lust and revenge. And, as Yip and Dud’s odyssey takes them further into the unknown – via travelling shows, escaped slaves and the greed of gold-hungry men – the pull of home only gets stronger. But what will they find there if they ever return?

‘This is violent, anarchic American history with echoes of Sebastian Barry’s Days Without End, but Paddy Crewe’s take is startlingly original… Yip’s tale is immersive and beautiful in unexpected places. On the strength of this sensational debut, you will be hearing a lot more about Paddy Crewe.’ Antonia Senior, The Times Historical Fiction Book of the Month

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