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Whose responsibility is it to make sure there is something to eat on every table? To make sure that children get milk and cereal, eggs and toast to keep hunger at bay? To feed key workers, whether they be NHS nurses, or soldiers fighting abroad? And do we all have the right to good food? This story of our changing customs and laws around our food, from prehistory to the present, reveals how every generation has fought to feed the family and the nation.

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‘Extraordinary’ Chris van Tulleken’Fascinating’ Felicity Cloake’Irresistible’ Polly RussellNAMED A WATERSTONES BEST FOOD & DRINK BOOK OF 2023The fascinating history of the people, the ideas and the dishes that have fed – and starved – the nation, by the author of the Sunday Times bestselling Scoff.In times of plenty, we stuff ourselves. When the food runs out, we’re stuffed too. How have people in the British Isles shared the riches from our fields, dairies, kitchens and seas, as well as those from around the world? And when the cupboard is bare, who steps up to the plate to feed the nation’s hungry children, soldiers at war or families in crisis?Stuffed tells the stories of the food and drink at the centre of social upheavals from prehistory to the present: the medieval inns boosted by the plague; the Enclosures that finished off the celebratory roast goose; the Victorian chemist searching for unadulterated mustard; the post-war supermarkets luring customers with strawberries. Drawing on cookbooks, literature and social records, Pen Vogler reveals how these turning points have led to today’s extremes of plenty and want: roast beef and food banks; allotment-fresh vegetables and ultra-processed fillers.It is a tale of feast and famine, and of the traditions, the ideas and the laws which have fed – or starved – the nation, but also of the yeasty magic of bread and ale, the thrill of sugary treats, the pies and puddings that punctuate the year, and why the British would give anything – even North America – for a nice cup of tea.

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