Join us Above the Bookshop for a casual book launch and mingle to celebrate Fall River by Meredith Miller, a real and gritty novel set in Saltash that blends literary fiction with dark, breathtaking mystery.

Monday 1st July
from 6pm
Above the Bookshop

Meredith Miller was born and raised in New York, and moved to the UK in 1997. She lived among the dockyards along the Tamar river for thirteen years. A literary critic and lecturer in English Literature, Meredith has published two previous novels, Little Wrecks (2017) and How We Learned to Lie (2018). She now lives and writes in Wales.

One young woman disappears and another returns home from London. Alice has gone into the river hoping to drown the voices in her head. Khadija is looking to uncover the secrets hidden beneath its surface. At dawn on leap year morning, they pass over and under the water, unaware of each other. The rest of the town remains asleep along the banks of the river. They’ll wake up that morning to find that everything, and nothing, has changed.

Born out of the Tamar River landscape on the border of Cornwall, Fall River traces the relationship between London and the regions of Britain. This is a story about those who rise up and those who are forgotten, about the love and the anger that connects them. Blending crime fiction with the magically real, this novel breaks new ground in genre and representation.

Meredith Miller uncovers the scars of industrialism and class division that shape contemporary Britain. A wealth of unique and brilliant characters brings this story to life. They inhabit a community that might be anywhere on this island. They might be any of us.

“A masterful and devastating exploration of the ties binding a small town together.”

Carole Hailey, author of The Silence

This novel will generate a vital conversation about this new country in which we find ourselves. It provides a moment to reflect on our shared experiences and our divisions, and on the powers that shape them both.