Join us Above the Bookshop to hear about Le Fay, the fiery follow up to Morgan is my Name by Sophie Keetch! We were unashamedly enthusiastic about Morgan when it first released last year, and are thrilled to be welcoming Sophie back to Cornwall.

Thursday 4th July
Above the Bookshop

£6 includes a soft drink / £8 includes a glass of wine

Legendary Morgan le Fay has had many faces over time, few of them sympathetic. Sophie Keetch’s debut novel set out to retell her coming-of-age, her assured and atmospheric prose sweeping readers away to the sea-lapped castle of Tintagel and many key figures of Arthurian mythology. But Morgan Is My Name was only the beginning.

Now safely at Camelot, Morgan surveys her life: she is valued for her intelligence and has the love and respect of her brother King Arthur, despite a growing conflict with Queen Guinevere. And yet, it’s not enough. Between the strict rules of court, a vengeful husband determined to snatch their son away, and a jealous rival in Merlin, Morgan desires freedom. 

When a face from her past arrives, igniting old memories and new desires, the future she is planning becomes fraught with danger. As Morgan seeks to find true happiness at last, she discovers dark new powers that promise control of her life is within reach – but she is at risk of destroying everything…