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Written with effervescent charm, and professional knowledge, Andrew Gant’s ‘Deck the Hall’ reveals the musical and social history behind each Christmas carol. Twenty seven carols take you from the Annunciation to Epiphany so the Christmas story becomes an underlying narrative linking the stories and anecdotes behind each item. The songs have been chosen to provide a mix of the familiar with the less well-known but interesting, and to cover the main historical and cultural sources, with at least one from key traditions like folk-song, hymns, other countries and so on.

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‘Christmas carols are sung in church, therefore Christmas carols have always been sung in church.
Christmas carols have these words and this tune, therefore Christmas carols have always had these words and this tune.
Well, not really.
Our carol tradition, like us, is a rich and dynamic mixture. An ecosystem, not a still life.’

Written with effervescent charm and professional knowledge, composer and conductor Andrew Gant reveals the fascinating musical and social history behind our favourite Christmas carols.
From the Annunciation to Epiphany, the episodes of the Christmas story link the tales and anecdotes behind twenty-seven carols from a variety of traditions and places of origin: those that come from folk song; those we owe to Victorian moralists, and those that are, in fact, French. As Andrew says, ‘Some carols were born to Christmas, some have achieved Christmas, and some have had Christmas thrust upon them.’
This wonderful, rich musical treat gives us a unique insight into our Yuletide traditions and customs. A delightful gift for anyone who loves to sing, or who just loves Christmas trivia, this is the ideal companion with which to while away those lazy days between Christmas and New Year.

‘Ding dong! This is my kind of Christmas present. A musical Christmas cracker –
fascinating and full of interesting surprises.’
Gyles Brandreth

‘Enlightening and entertaining. You’ll never hear or sing these carols in the same way again.’
Anne-Marie Minhall

‘And I thought I knew about Christmas carols.’
John Rutter

‘An unexpected romp through a festive slice of musical history, with Gant our thoroughly entertaining guide.’
BBC Music magazine

‘Profound and light-hearted by turns … this will make an ideal Christmas present. But equally it is a book worth getting in advance to serve as Advent spiritual reading.’
The Tablet

‘This is an excellent book. Its author not only clearly enjoys writing about the topic, but enjoys life itself.’
Church Times

‘The depth of research in the book is impressive … rich background material for Christmas sermons.’
Preach Magazine

‘Can satisfy the most ardent music buff and still be entertaining to the reader who knows nothing about music but likes a good tune.’
Reform Magazine

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