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Power Mood Mindset Workbook


Find self-worth and confidence in both your personal and professional lives with Power Mood Mindset ?Workbook.

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Power Mood Mindset ?Workbook teaches you how to advocate for yourself with friends, family, in relationships, and at work. Learning your self-worth is one thing, but voicing your worth to those around you takes many pep talks and gallons of courage. Not everyone has the confidence to be their own advocate, especially in the workplace. Power Mood Mindset ?Workbook shows you how to find success and happiness in your career and curate the elusive work/life balance everyone desires. Tackling themes such as imposter syndrome, self-acceptance, and satisfaction, get expert guidance and tools that’ll help you find satisfaction in the biggest areas of your life. Dig in deep as you reflect on topics such as: Defining your own version of “success” Raising your standards in all aspects of your life Making your younger self proud Boundaries How to talk about money Setting personal and achievable goals And more! The workbook utilizes seven different activities to help you achieve this reflection:1. Thought Starters: Prompts that pique your curiosity and help you examine a specific topic more thoroughly.2. Checklists: Lists from which you choose the items that apply to you and/or your work situation.3. Quizzes: Multiple choice questions about specific topics. Listen to your gut as you make your selections, and then reflect on your results.4. Templates: Structured charts and graphs you can fill in with your own information to prepare for specific actions.5. Power Mood Boards: Space to doodle, freewrite, jot down notes, and reflect on what you’ve learned in each section.6. Role-Plays: Practicing specific situations out loud, either on your own or with a partner. These will help you build confidence and retain important information.7. Power Pauses: Intentional breaks at the end of each section to focus on and celebrate your wins. By the end, come out with 100% awareness of your awesomeness and potential and move forward in fostering a culture that lifts others up. Find your power mood now.

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