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The spectaculars


When three figures turn up at eleven-year-old Harper’s window in a flying canoe, informing her that she is due to start her apprenticeship, Harper discovers she is a Spectacular – a magical performer, gifted special powers from the stars. Within the walls of the Wondria, the Spectaculars’ starstuff-powered theatre, this group of magical travelling performers tour their wondrous acts. Suddenly, Harper finds herself in a world of starlight, music and friendship. That is, until a sinister creature from a children’s nursery rhyme plunges the Wondria into great danger. And as Harper and her new best friend Trick unravel a mystery that will take them deep into the stars, Harper discovers she will do anything to save her extraordinary new home.

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The Greatest Showman meets Nevermoor, The Spectaculars is the enchanting new adventure series that combines magic, theatre and danger with a large pinch of starstuff…

Beyond the gateway, in the Hidden Peaks, live the Spectaculars – magical performers, with special powers gifted from the stars. They can levitate you out of your seat with a song, make a costume that will turn you invisible and create a snowstorm with a dance.

When Harper joins The Spectaculars at their travelling boarding school, she can’t wait to learn all kinds of magic. But when the song of the Four Curses comes to life, and a terrifying creature threatens everything, she must use her new powers to save her school…

While dreams come true at the Wondria, nightmares might just be lurking in the wings.

“A story of magic, friendship and theatre that shines star-bright” Maria Kuzniar, author of The Ship of Shadows

“Beautifully written, imaginative and witty, The Spectaculars immerses you in a thrilling magical world with characters you fall in love with right from the start” Hannah Durkan, author of Zeina Starborn and the Sky Whale

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