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We Are Living Through The Breakdown


In the deepest, darkest depths of history, there was once a time when most families had only one screen in their house with just three, four or five channels. This forced people into a situation in which they would have to compromise. Imagine the horror. These days, we’re living through ‘The Breakdown’. It’s a time of enormous political engagement, but many of us feel ill equipped to truly understand and debate all the issues currently rocking our world. This light-hearted and judgement-free book will give you all the tools you need to understand the different arguments – and then to do something about it.

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We’re living through The Breakdown. A time of enormous political upheaval and polarised opinion. Many of us feel ill-equipped to understand and debate the issues currently rocking our world. At last, here is a sane voice of reason that cuts through the noise.

Brexit: a chance to take back control or taking us to the brink of disaster?

Immigration: a strain on our country or a crucial part of our economy?

Austerity: essential reduction of national debt or devastating cuts to public spending?

Tax cuts: control over your money or a threat to the welfare system?

Privatisation: Crucial efficiency-boosting competition or the ruthless destruction of our public services?

Ban on plastics: saving the planet or excessive government interference?

The Breakdown will give you all the tools to work out what’s happening and why – and then empower you to do something about it.

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