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What Is Black Art?


What is Black art and why don’t we know more about it? Museums, galleries and publications are overflowing with art from white and predominantly male artists. This has been the case for centuries. The summer of 2020 brought British history and its presentation in these public spaces, and in educational contexts under scrutiny, but it can be difficult to locate voices that have been overlooked for so long. This edited text presents the histories, methodologies and socio-political perspectives of a generation of artists and writers who operated with and against the mainstream British art systems during the 1980s. Featuring work from artists such as Lubaina Himid, Sonia Boyce, Eddie Chambers and Rasheed Araeen, this book will provide access to a diverse and multifaceted set of voices that have been locked away in archives until now and resonate profoundly today.

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A landmark anthology on British art history, bringing together overlooked and marginalized perspectives from ‘the critical decade’

What is Black art? This vital anthology gives voice to a generation of artists of African, Asian and Caribbean heritage who worked within and against British art institutions in the 1980s, including Sonia Boyce, Lubaina Himid, Eddie Chambers and Rasheed Araeen. It brings together artists’ statements, interviews, exhibition catalogue essays and reviews, most of which have been unavailable for many years and resonate profoundly today. Together they interrogate the term ‘Black art’ itself, and revive a forgotten dialogue from a time when men and women who had been marginalized made themselves heard within the art world and beyond.

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