Join us Above the Bookshop to hear about the latest novel by Elizabeth Macneal, a deliciously dark and gripping gothic tale concerned with murder, manipulation, and a young woman wrestling power from the hands of a dangerous man. Elizabeth will be in conversation to discuss all things macabre and Victorian.

Thursday 18th July
Above the Bookshop

£6 includes a soft drink / £8 includes a glass of wine

London, 1839.

With the cemeteries full and money to be made in death, tricksters Crawford and Bonnie survive on wicked schemes and ill-gotten coin. But one blistering evening, their fortunes flip.

A man lies in a pool of blood at Bonnie’s feet and now she needs to disappear.

Crawford secures her a position as lady’s maid in a grand house on the Thames. As Bonnie comes to understand the family – the eccentric Mr Moncrieff, obsessively drawing mausoleums for his dead wife, and their peculiar daughter Cissie, scribbling imaginary love letters to herself – she begins to question what secrets are lying behind the house’s paper-thin walls and whether her own presence here was planned from the beginning. Crawford is watching, and perhaps he is plotting his greatest trick yet…