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Fluffy the cat and her friends just love freshly caught fish. But the fishermen at the harbour always chase the cats away, so the cats decide to find their own fishing boat and take it to sea themselves.

Every year Robbie and his family come to the same town for their holiday and every year they stay in Tamsin’s house. On their last night, just before the end of the holiday they creep out of the house to set sail in their small sailing boat ‘The Islander’. The sails of the little boat fill with wind and before they know it, they have arrived at a magic place…

Twice a day the tide came in and twice a day it went out. Each high tide left a strandline across the beach. All along it, often hidden amongst seaweed, were clues to secret worlds beneath the waves.

Originally published by Andersen Press in 1986 and titled ‘The Magic Ointment’, this volume of famous Cornish legends and tales has been beautifully updated and expanded. Michael Foreman has vividly re-coloured the original black and white illustrations, and the whole book has been enlarged to offer a thrilling reading experience.

The mermice swim across the bay, towards the Magic Castle in the sea. They follow a sailing boat with a sailor mouse crew and a sweet little dog called Bird on board!

Why do two Turnstone birds catch a ride on the morning ferry and return later that same afternoon? What is the secret they want to tell Jago as he sails on the ferry to visit his Grandmother? The ‘pilot’ bird tells Jago of the wild cold north where Jago’s father is working and excitingly, how Jago might be able to travel there…

Dan Lyons weaves a delightful children’s tale inspired by the real world Tinners Hare signs which can be found in many ancient buildings throughout the countryside.

In 1715 a young boy from Cornwall was kidnapped, off the coast of Spain, by pirates. Twenty three years later he escaped and made a gruelling journey back to his home and family.  The true story, previously told for adults in Giles Milton’s novel White Gold, charts the epic rise of an 11-year-old boy who became a trusted member of the powerful Sultan Ismail’s household, and ultimately led his army.

The village of Mousehole is, of course, completely run and populated by mice! Enjoy a kaleidoscope of mice activity as you join one mouse family who holiday by the sea in beautiful Mousehole.

Callum and Amy discover a sea dragon in a cave along the beach. The sea dragon is lost and cannot find his friends and relatives. They buy the sea dragon ice cream, chips with curry sauce and a balloon to play with, but as the summer ends it’s time for the sea dragon to find other sea dragons.

Will James Rabbit ever earn enough to feed his baby bunnies? A silver sixpence buys some “carrot seed” from those twisted squirrel sisters, Salome and Delilah Acorn, with hillhareious results!

‘Hi! My name is Sam. This is where I live, high up in a tall thin house, in a narrow street near the harbour. It’s a great place to live. This is my window, and my view, and my piece of sky.’

The audience take up their places, the mouse family comfortably seated in the front row, and the show begins… Mouse Fairy Dancers sweep across the stage, swirling and twirling, while Lucky the Mouse Minstrel plays the flute.

This is the true story of Mr Ellis and the boat he built in his Cornish back yard in 1906. He was old, poor and alone and built it from old planks and orange boxes. This illustrated volume is a classic true Cornish tale.

I want to go on a wild adventure,’ said the little Sea Dragon. ‘I’ll come with you,’ said Ailla, his friend, the Mer girl. ‘We can ride the current so fast and so far that no-one will ever catch us.’

A poetic story set amongst the plants and trees of a long forgotten garden.

A mermaid from Seal Island in St Ives helps Father Christmas deliver his gifts!
As Cornwall is blanketed in fresh snow, two little girls and their gran enjoy a very special Christmas Eve. While out at sea, their father is in need of a little extra help.