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Why Women Are Poorer Than Men…And What We Can Do About It


Money gives us freedom. It gives us choices. But why is it women are nearly always poorer than men? The modern world is rigged unfairly in men’s favour. Exploring injustices and penalties from pensions to the tampon tax, bearing children to boardroom bullying, Annabelle Williams, financial journalist for The Times, shows how society conspires to limit women’s wealth. Did you know that the NHS spends more on Viagra than helping single mother families eat healthily? Or, that women are the majority of the elderly poor?

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Feel empowered with your finances and discover the route to economic equality in this astonishing dissection of the gender wealth gap

‘Uncovers the realities of money in the modern world’ Stylist
‘This book will open your eyes’ 5***** Reader Review
‘Goes beyond talks of glass ceilings and gender pay gaps’ Dazed
‘Shocking and brilliant’ 5***** Reader Review

Did you know?

Nearly 70% of Britain’s homeless are women.

There are more men called Dave running the UK’s top 100 companies than there are women altogether.

Women outperform men educationally at every level from high school to PhD – but still get paid less.

In this astonishing dissection of the gender wealth gap, financial journalist Annabelle Williams explains why so few women rank among the super-rich and why women are the majority of those in poverty.

From the personal Рfeeling financially confident and liberated Рto the political Рdemanding systemic support and representation Рthis ground-breaking expos̩ will empower your financial decisions and arm you with the knowledge needed to demand equality.

‘It is refreshing to see Williams challenge well-worn sexist myths’ i

‘Annabelle Williams uncovers the realities of money in the modern world, and what exactly we can do about the fact that women are poorer than men’ Stylist

‘Goes beyond talks of glass ceilings and gender pay gaps to a more nuanced look at the institutional oppression faced by women on a daily basis’ Dazed

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